Diverse and Inclusive

Diverse & Inclusive (D&I) practices and policies enable your organization to include everyone, regardless of their culture, race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, health status, class, education, religion, body type, and everything else that makes people unique.

Are you a non-profit organization, company, or institution willing to commit to more racial equity, gender justice, sexual diversity, disability rights, intergenerational diversity, and cultural sensitivity in the workplace?

Are you willing to create a safer and more welcoming work environment for everyone, especially for those who feel marginalized or excluded?

Do you wish to increase well-being, a stronger sense of belonging, and a greater motivation amongst your staff?

But are you unsure where to begin or what to do?

This D&I consulting service supports you in starting with a D&I journey. Through coaching and training, I offer my expertise to help your organization in committing to diversity and inclusion. I give advice and practical tools, which lead your organization to concrete results:

  • creating D&I policies and strategies in line with your core business
  • stimulating a change in mindsets and behaviors through training and sharing knowledge
  • implementing a D&I roadmap and action plan with clear objectives and indicators