Nina Guillerme

I am a passionate and enthusiastic Queer woman. Coming from a little village in the South of France, I carry my roots through my charming French accent. While living in Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam, I flew around the world to give trainings and support to organizations in different regions in Europe, West Africa and the Caribbean. That gave me a broad perspective and a sensitive intercultural approach to diversity.

For 10 years, I had the chance and the privilege to professionally engage and pursue my belief in the richness of different cultures and identities, the emancipation and rights of women and LGBTQI+, the potential of youth and marginalized people. I mainly worked in NGOs in the development sector and gave numerous training to people from different backgrounds. I gave trainings on intercultural learning, youth leadership, organizational strategies, capacity building, lobby and advocacy, campaigning. Besides my trainer career, I developed inclusive researches, tools and methods on gender and intersectionality.

I worked as an international program manager at Union Peuple et Culture, COC Nederland, Rutgers, and gained a highly structured and result-driven way of working. My methodological and practical approach will help you achieve real outcomes and will not remain at an abstract level of thinking.