My approach is intersectional. It means I recognize the diversity and complexity of identities within each individual and between social groups. It requires that your organization is willing to combat stereotyping, prejudices, and (non)intentional discrimination mechanisms toward individuals and social groups. Instead of focusing on discomfort, I encourage cultural humility, mutual understanding, and celebrate diversity as workplace enrichment.

Pillars of change

My D&I journey focuses on 4 pillars of organizational change:

  • Mindset change

I focus on shifting mindsets by embedding D&I as a core value in your organizational strategy. I propose a clear vision and mission, that involve your organization at every level, especially the management level.

  • Acting

I focus on driving change by creating and adapting policies and procedures, including the creation of safe spaces, anti-discrimination mechanisms, and guidelines for inclusive language and communication.

  • Learning

I focus on behavior change through a customized learning journey, including deconstructing stereotypes and biases, addressing power dynamics, adopting an inclusive language and an allyship attitude.

  • Measuring

I focus on evaluating and measuring D&I progress through setting up goals and indicators, setting up quick scans (HR analytics, employees survey), benchmarking analysis, and accountability mechanisms.