• Facilitation and advice for the development of a D&I vision and mission

Support in developping and writing of a D&I vision and mission in line with your strategy, target groups and business needs with the active participation of an internal D&I working group or focus group. Support in on-boarding of the D&I strategy within the organization, leadership alignment, and a clear communication to HR, managers and employees.

  • Support in implementing D&I interventions

Support in setting up an action plan with activities, interventions and programs that create and foster an inclusive environment, such as: creating safe spaces, conducting needs assessments and internal surveys, setting up anti-discrimination mechanisms, developing inclusive guidelines for external and internal communication, celebrating of diversity events, liaising with external experts and stakeholders.

  • Training for employees and management about D&I

The training I give are tailor-made and co-constructed with you. In-presence or online, I provide training adapted to the group type, size, or background. From sensitization training (1-2 hours) to in-depth training (a few days), I give knowledge and practical tools about specific topics. All training are using dynamic and participatory methods, ensuring that the participants are actively involved in the learning trajectory. Example of training topics: “Gender and sexual identity in the workplace”, “Adopting an intersectional approach in your programs”, ”Inclusive language and communication”,  “How to become a ‘good’ ally?”, “Intercultural learning and sensitivity”.

  • Support in the measurement of D&I outcomes

Support in setting up metrics and benchmarking to evaluate the effectiveness of your D&I strategy, policy, and/or initiatives.